Ara Gym Now Used

Ara Sport and Recreation is the latest provider we are using to host basketball games in – details about where to park, and how to access the gym inside.

There is plenty of free carparking at Ara on Weekends (highlighted green area), with the best entry off Morehouse Avenue (split one way), or Barbadoes Street (one way).

Entry to the gym complex is via the red arrows (one door from either side, then walk towards Barbaodes street once inside until you get to the gym.


The gym has alarmed emergency exit doors, so you must avoid using these when leaving (unless there is an actual emergency).

There are lockers inside the gym you can store your bag in if you wish (please remove any padlocks after finished), drinking fountain and changing rooms on site.

Seating – all spectators are to sit on the raised bleachers, only teams competing, and scorebench are permitted on the floor.

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