Cowles Primary School Player Registration Portal

Registration links for each of the Miniball, Y5/6 and Y7/8 teams competing in the Cowles After-School Basketball Competitions are here

Basketball New Zealand now requires that all basketball players get registered on their national database. We have managed to make this process more streamlined than in the past (players will immediately get assigned to their team for this competition).

Simply click on the team link to open the form and register your child directly to that team


If you have trouble registering multiple family members on one account, please try using an incognito, or private browser window, which should solve most issues.

Once registered, players will get:

  • Free access to all of their games that are filmed and shared on the Glory League System (every game at Cowles Stadium is planned to utilize this – see the example above of the clips that get generated)
  • Early notification of basketball camps and competitions in their area
  • CBA and BBNZ community updates via email
  • Their own member portal to see their personal basketball history (any details can be updated here too) via
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