Lincoln University Week Five Picks 2023

Week Five Picks for Lincoln University Thomson and Whelan are in!

Our games of the week include Girls’ High hosting Kaiapoi and St. Thomas hosting Christ’s College.

Grocott Trophy – 

  • Ashburton hosting Cashmere
  • Ellesmere hosting Kaiapoi
  • Hillmorton hosting Rangiora
  • St. Bede’s hosting Lincoln
  • St. Thomas hosting Christ’s College (5:15pm)

Whelan Trophy Division 2 – 

  • Ashburton hosting Hagley
  • Burnside hosting Middleton
  • Papanui hosting Rangi Ruru

Thomson Trophy Division 2 –

  • Cathedral hosting Hagley
  • Papanui hosting Haeata
  • Hornby hosting Darfield

Whelan Trophy Division 1 –

  • Cashmere hosting Rangiora
  • Girls’ High hosting Kaiapoi
  • St. Andrew’s College hosting Avonside
  • Villa Maria hosting St. Margaret’s

Thomson Trophy Division 1 –

  • Ashburton hosting Riccarton
  • Burnside hosting Lincoln
  • Boys’ High hosting Kaiapoi
  • Rangiora hosting Middleton
  • Rolleston hosting Hillmorton
  • St. Andrew’s College hosting Shirley
  • St. Bede’s hosting Cashmere
  • St. Thomas hosting Christ’s College (7:00pm)


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