Process for Assigning Club Referees

We have updated the process for basketball referees get assigned to games, to make it easier for club/schools to fulfill their obligations

We have moved some aspects of this process forward, to give clubs and schools more time to communicate with their referees, and get more named referees assigned to games.

Updated Referee/Club Assignment Schedule For Weekend Basketball: 

  • Draw – James to finish this as soon as able (prior to Monday as much as possible). He can now generally get around two weeks in advance done (sometimes almost up to three). These are always published online here
  • Friday the Week Prior – Contact with clubs/schools for any specific gaps they WANT to fill (i.e. those gaps convenient for specific club refs with the draw in mind). This has been moved up from Tuesday so as to make it more easy for people to be seen/asked when at their games the weekend before. NOTE – this is specifically for people who do not already fill in the google sheet
  • Google Sheet (collates Referee Availability) – also sent Friday the week prior. This is for “normally assigned referees” for their availability to be advised for the following weekend

In the immediate week before the weekend in question, we continue with the schedule as follows:

  • Tuesday Lunchtime – clubs/schools have advised which games they would like to choose to fill (vs being assigned without choice)
  • Wednesday – referee draw goes out. We will compare number of assigned games per club to entered teams. Any further gaps will at this point be allocated to Clubs/Schools in accordance with the quota to be filled by club/school and noted a different colour on draw. Clubs/Schools then notify Toni of their nominated referee to this appointment in the draw
  • Thursday – add in extra details when people volunteer for other games, or a specific person is filling a gap for their school/club. Any new gaps get communicated to clubs/schools
  • Friday – last minute moves of referees and additions
  • Weekend  – basketball games get played!

If you are a referee, and don’t already receive the Google Sheet link from Toni, please contact her here, or if you are interested in becoming a referee!


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