U13 Coach Development Programme Open for Registrations

For those new to coaching to experienced coaches

This programme is for all; from those new to coaching wanting to learn the basics of running a junior team, to coaches with significant experience.

It is particularly beneficial to parents and students wanting to learn enough of the coaching basics to run a junior team.

You can register here and the full programme can be found at U13_Coach_Development_3X3.

You do not require prior knowledge of coaching nor prior knowledge of basketball to benefit. 

It runs in conjunction with the U13 3X3 Development Programme to make it convenient for parents, and consists of 2 practice sessions with a 30min class room session prior.


Session 1 – Games and Constraint based drills 

Sunday September 3rd 2023, Shirley Boys High School 

Girls 12pm to 2pm  

Boys 130pm to 330pm Bottom age (2011, 2012) 

Boy 3pm to 5pm Top age (2010) 

Pre-Reading –  Why coaches should start with setting values and culture

Session 2 – Pushing and pulling feedback 

Sunday September 17th 2023, Shirley Boys High School 

12pm to 2pm Girls  

130pm to 330pm Bottom age boys (2011, 2012) 

3pm to 5pm Top age boys (2010) 

Session 3 (optional) – Tournament Coaching 

Sunday September 24th  

Coaches assist in the management and feedback of teams. Note: 3X3 has no direct coaching but coaches will have opportunities to practice delivering feedback and developing their ability to read games with coach developers. 

Novel coaches will receive a crash course in basic coaching concepts and an opportunity to implement them in a supportive environment. Experienced coaches will be able to extend their abilities through both practice with coach developers and discussions with other coaches. 

The development programme comprises of two practice sessions and one tournament session within the U13 programme. You will be are trained prior to events with breif pre-reading and a 30min classroom session. 

Coaches are then given the opportunity to practice their learnings with a small 3X3 team with support from CBA coach developers. 

You can register here https://forms.office.com/r/b5aBjc5HDa  

Session 0 (Pre-Reading) – Values based coaching 

Prior to the first session, we ask all coaches to read the following brief article on team culture to understand why the CBA so strongly emphasises our values of create Great Teammates. 



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