Updated Mouth-Guard Policy

We are altering our official mouthguard policy for 2018 – details here

The CBA staff has extensively discussed the current mouth-guard policy, and has an adjusted policy for the 2018 season. Notes regarding this change are below

  • The previous CBA “compulsory for all” policy has approximately 90% compliance rate for our U20 grades and below, but only 10% compliance for grades above this age threshold.
  • BBNZ mandates that mouth-guard are only compulsory up to under 19.
  • BBNZ has no timeline for competitions involving older players.
  • Previous CBA Policy based on the understanding that (a) across the board implementation was imminent, and (b) the introduction of new Health and Safety Regulations in 2015.
  • BBNZ policy based on ACC contract for injury reduction, not Health and safety.


In assessing the risk, the CBA has determined that;

  • The risk of a tooth injury for an adult player is low, compared to other injuries.
  • The likely harm is loss of teeth/dental work.
  • All adult players are aware of the risk
  • All players are aware that mouth-guards are readily available and suitable for minimising the risk
  • Cost of a mouth-guard is low


The main points in the new policy:

  1. The CBA adopts the BBNZ Policy of making mouth-guards compulsory for grades U20 and below.
  2. For adult grades, the CBA strongly recommends that mouth-guards should be worn.
  3. Mouth-guards will be available for purchase at venues we (the CBA) utilise regularly for competitions.

The full 2018 policy can be seen here: CBA mouth-guard policy 2018

Team/Club mouth-guards can be ordered by using our order form

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