Walking Basketball 2023 Competition Ends

Our competition for Walking Basketball has just wrapped up, and we are now starting a contact list for 2024

Our first ever walking basketball competition has just finished, with a buzzer-beating putback deciding the Grand Final.

Each week four teams which were made up in a variety of ways – this term we had a multi-generational whānau and friends’ team; a Waka Ama team trying something new; group of friends’ team; and a team which had some parents of current high school players (and coaches). Walking Basketball appealed to the different players for the way they could all contribute at a reasonable level, whether they had played in the past, currently played, or had never stepped on a basketball court previously!

Sarah Corkery, from the Savages had this to say afterwards: “For those who have played some Basketball it’s an ideal environment to share the game with friends and family. Great for fitness and a good laugh in a relaxed environment. Just don’t JUMP!!!

Kathy Burrows from the Players Team: “Finals Basketball! Who would have thought I’d be saying that! Such a fun season, lots of laughs both on and off the court! I have absolutely loved being back on court. I broke my L5 in 1996, and never thought I’d be able to play again (after a hip replacement last November)! Who would have thought walking could be so much fun! Until next season Team Savage…we will be back!”

Fionna Chapman from the Mutha Wakas: “Our Waka Ama crew thought it would be a fun thing to do together as a team for a laugh. Apart from a couple of players with basketball experience, we were mostly made up of people who had never played basketball before.

“It was the perfect way to learn a new skill, maintain our fitness, and enjoy the social aspect – which was inclusive of all abilities, and a chance to play alongside our family members.

“We will definitely be entering our team again in the new year ,and hoping to get another team together too!

“While initially it took a bit of encouragement to get players to give it a go, once they started, they were able to bring their friends along to give it a go too…it was their highlight of the week!

“Thank you for bringing it back! 😊”

For those wanting to register their interest in playing in Term One of 2024, please email nicole@canterbury.basketball to have your details added to the contact list, and she willcontyact you when details are available.


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