Signature League Referee EOI Open

A high pressure high support league is starting in Canterbury to develop REFEREES, players and coaches.

Signature League Referee Development Programme is open for expressions of interest.

Referee’s can express their interest for this paid development opportunity here, however spaces are limited so referees must complete EOI by October 31st.

We would like to invite all level E and above referees to express interest in this programme, particularly those interested in preparing for rep tournaments in 2024 (see this graphic for referee pathway info).

For those aspiring to be at national tournaments in 2024, this will be an essential learning opportunity.

The Signature League is a partnership with Signature Homes North, to establish a new type of off-season development for rep level referees, players and coaches.

The five-week evening league is to be run in term 4 beginning the week of November 13th in term 4 2023.

Times and location for term 4 2023:

U16 Boys: Wednesdays 4pm – 6pm @ Cowles

U16 Girls: Wednesday 6pm – 8pm @ Ōrua Paeroa (Shirley Avonside)

U18 Boys: Tuesdays 630pm – 830pm @ Cowles

U18 Girls: Wednesday 7pm – 9pm @ Ōrua Paeroa (Shirley Avonside)

U20 Boys: Tuesday 730pm – 930pm @ Cowles

U20 Girls: Wednesday 8pm – 9pm @ Ōrua Paeroa (Shirley Avonside)

Games will be in 1 hour slots and use a new structure of:

  • four × 5min stop clock periods using overtime rules,
  • scores reset at the end of each period,
  • 2 league points per period won, 1 per drawn and 0 for a loss.


  • Why?

    • To accelerate growth of referees along the Referee Development Pathway, by focusing on upskilling referees on the E level and up. 
    • To provide an environment for referees to practice in a supportive and pressure environment ie end of game scenarios, 
    • Prepare and encourage our referees for national tournaments and or higher CBA grades 
  • How? 

    • Each game’s 2 referees will have direct support from 1 referee trainer. 
    • In the off period, the trainer will discuss calls and mechanics with that pair of referees 
    • Having a main point of emphasis each week (e.g. block/charge, lead position, trail position, gather step, advantage/disadvantage).  
    • Feedback provided right there and then when the call / no call is still fresh in the mind. 
  • What?

    • Strategies for Referees to handle end of game situations 
    • Clarifying advanced rules and decisions such as block/charge, travel and shot clock management. 
    • Referees and trainers passing on and sharing their knowledge 
    • Managing team foul situations in each period. 
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