Weekend Draw Info 10-11 June

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend ono

10 June – 8 July Duty Draw

Please find updated draws for June 10-18. There are a number of changes here, which has affected things (all alterations are highlighted yellow)

  • Pioneer Blue BU17 and Cashmere Maroon have swapped pools
  • Men’s U20 has had four teams move – which has drastically affected matchups in the Mid and Development Grades. We have kept these as close as possible to what originally got sent out, but there are still a lot of changes in these grades.

Other Notes:

  • Scorebench Resources – we have had a number of requests for schools and clubs to make sure their scorebench personnel are adequately prepared before they assist on the weekend. Our website has some basic instruction you can share with your duty personnel to  help make sure they are ready: Scorebench Duty – What are the Roles?


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