Weekend Draw Info 13-14 August 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend tekau mā rima

13-14 August Duty Draw

Reminder that all draws get posted to this page as they are released

Photo courtesy Halswell Basketball Club.


  • Last Games for Non-playoff Teams – Most teams will finish up their season on August 13 – Only SF winners in U13, U15, and U17 Grades will play on August 20 in their Grand Final (and the top two GU16 teams), teams may want to organise collecting in uniforms straight after your game if their season concludes this weekend. From the Senior Grades, only teams that qualify for their semi-finals will play on August 20/21 before their Grand Finals on August 27 (i.e. teams that don’t qualify will finish up play on August 13/14). We have tried to break down the scenarios for teams to qualify here.
  • MVP/First Team Voting – This has closed now, and the selctions have all been notified – we will be sharing these next week
  • Team Break-ups – Pizza Republic is a great venue to wrap up your team’s season at – bookings can be made via their website. For only $15 per child in your table’s booking, they will each get a share meal of:
    • Fries
    • Large children’s pizzas
    • Jugs of soft drink and juice
    • And an ice cream cone each

  • CBA 50th Birthday Celebration – We’re closing in fast on the official celebration date, where we will have a look back on what the CBA has achieved in the past half-century. We have the ability to accommodate a few more tables if demand is there, so please contact Sandra French to join us on Friday 26 August

We hope you all enjoy the last game (or games) of the season!


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