Weekend Draw Info 18/19 September 2021

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts, ahead of the resumption of play next weekend

The photo is from a Junior Finals Day where we were at level one – the following information is all provided under the assumption we will be in Level Two for September 18/19 2021

The Draw can be accessed here: 18-19 September Draw

We’re now confirmed for the 18th to run our Junior Finals, and for the 25th for Senior Finals, and have an update to our COVID19 Level Two Procedures.  A massive thanks to St. Andrew’s College and Cashmere for having use of their courts on the weekend. This helps us on two fronts – finishing games a bit earlier in the day, and making it easier to adhere to the fifty person limit under Delta Level Two.


Of particular note:

  • Limit on people – we’re only using one court per venue, so unless advised specifically next week of any changes teams will be allowed:
    • 24 people in the team party (coaches, players, spectators)
    • PLUS every game has been changed to “Own Duty” – which means your team needs to bring two people in who are not included in the 24 person count above to manage scorebench.
  • Times – we have allotted 105 minutes for every Junior Finals’ game, and 95 minutes for our Senior games at Cowles, so please check these carefully (we’ve staggered games at Middleton to reduce the likelihood of groups arriving at the same time)
  • Masks – need to be worn according to Sport NZ Guidelines (i.e. by all non-participants who are over the age of 12)
  • Live-Streaming – we are going to do our best to have all finals streamed for people to watch, but are unlikely to have the staff and equipment needed to do this 100%, so if you have someone available to stream any game(s) please let us know (St. Andrew’s has automated live-streaming – so we’re all sorted there already!)
  • 25 September – we will finalise the location once we know if there are any changes in terms of numbers or not for this weekend

The biggest issue we had in 2020 was parents coming to a game and expecting to be allowed in, so please communicate as widely as you can: “unless you are explicitly told you can come to the game and watch in person, you will not be able to be admitted”.


We will be generating team lists (like last year) to help make the entry process as quick as possible. Club Administrators can also generate these by following these steps:

  • Go into Passport, and enter the team in question
  • On the Reports tab,  choose an “Advanced Member”, and configure with the following options selected:
    • First Name
    • Family Name
    • Primary Contact Number
    • Team Name
    • *Season equals 2021 may be needed if players from previous years are displayed, but should not be necessary
  • Get it to send a csv file to your email and open in excel (and add spectators and coaches)
  • For an example of where to do this watch from 4:24 in this video


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