Weekend Draw Info 22/23 May 2021

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend whā

The Weekend draws can be found on this page throughout the season. 22-23 May Draw

  • Welcome to our newest grade which tips off on the 30th – The Pizza Republic Girls’ U13 Competition!
  • New Venue – on Sunday 30th May we are using the new Selwyn Sports Centre, which is at 70 Broadlands Drive (we are using the four wooden courts there). Cowles Stadium will be used for the Rams’ game that afternoon
  • Clean Shoes Reminder – a few courts we use have asked to remind people to avoid bringing dirt into the stadiums (players are generally pretty aware of this, but siblings or spectators may not be)
  • Bench Referees – if your team is on duty, and we do not have two referees it is a requirement that one of the people assigned to duty come and help referee the game. Failure to do this can result in a loss of competition points and a fine for the team in question. Team and club contacts can check the real-time roster we emailed earlier to see if your team needs to be prepared to have someone referee this weekend

  • Ram’s Discounts – Remember to use the code we emailed last week when buying tickets to a home game to get a 10% discount
  • Breakers’ Game – The Breakers are here on Tuesday next week – Tickets can be purchased from Ticketek for this game
  • Queen’s Birthday – a reminder we have no club games scheduled for the long weekend. We will be using the next two weeks to look at teams and sub-grades and see which ones need moving (hopefully not many!) This will take some time, as we need to make sure that a format can work too, but will begin looking through results after this weekend’s games

Enjoy the weekend’s games – and thank you to all the people that have put their hand up to referee this week (and those that have found some of them!)


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