Weekend Draw Info 31 July/1 August 2021

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend tekau mā toru

The Weekend draws can be found on this page throughout the season. 31 July – 1 August Draw

Notes for this week:

Congratulations to the Wolverines Women’s Premier Team who held on in a very well-played game against Lincoln University to win the 2021 Miles Toyota Women’s Premier League. The First Team from the competition was recognised before the final took place, so we wanted to acknowledge them here too:

  • Tessa Boagni (Atami)
  • Lauryn Hippolite (Lincoln University)
  • Hannah Mischewski (UC)
  • Terina Wanoa (Halswell)
  • Esra McGoldrick (Wolverines) – MVP

Please start thinking about the nominees your team (if in the A grade) would like to put forward for who you think are deserving of being recognised – we will officially ask for these soon.


Complete Draw: we had the final game played Wednesday night to be able to finalise the draw for this weekend – all the highlighted green portions are the matchups that were not completely decided when emailed last week. We will be on week to week draws now the rest of the season, with grades starting to enter playoffs, there are too many unknown gaps to be able to put out anything useful earlier. Some teams will finish their season on August 7-8 (or the next two weekends) – the 2021 Winter Club Formats, along with the 2021 CBA Weeks of Play  document should allow you to work out when your team will finish playing. Junior Finals Day (U17 and below) is set for Saturday August 21, and Senior Final (U19 and above) will be Saturday August 28.

Format Notes: We had omitted some of the detail in the format document for the WD1 and MU20-Mid competitions – the full wording should have been: In these pools, each team will get two competition points for each win over the other three teams in the pool from the initial round robin, and losing teams will get one competition point – including any losses by forfeit. Game scores do not carry over.

Pools in both of these competitions are 1,3,6,8; and 2,4,5,7

Some of the U17 and U15 Boys’ Middle and Development grades have friendly games scheduled, in order to give some teams that were struggling a good experience to finish off the season, but these will not make a material difference to the format structure.

Playoff Eligibility: Remember, only players that have played four games in the unshaded portion of your format may compete in the shaded portion when that period starts (August 7-8 for some grades). If a player is “playoff eligible” at a lower level in the development pathway, he or she can play in the playoffs for the next grade up (e.g. a BU15 playoff eligible player in U15 could also play in playoffs for his club in an U17 grade).

Reminders From Floor Controllers:

  • Please make sure your team bench area is tidy once leaving – there is quite often property left behind after games, so if your tidying up your bench becomes something standard for your team, they are less likely to leave any valuable things behind too
  • Substitution procedure – please make sure this is done properly (i.e. the player needs to politely request a substitution from the scorebench – not a member of the coaching staff, and not directly to the referees)


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