First 2020 Weekend Club Draw Released

All weekend basketball contacts (both club and team) have been emailed the draw and notes for week one

Most of you have already seen us successfully re-start the Midweek Basketball competitions, and it is now nearly your turn too – we’re all set to actually play real-life basketball next weekend! The first draw is attached so you can start making sure your players all know when and where to be for their game!


Restart of Midweek 2020 Basketball

Community Basketball is officially back!Our Midweek Men’s and Women’s Competitions are the first Basketball New Zealand endorsed competitions to do so in Aotearoa!

Posted by Canterbury Basketball Association on Wednesday, 3 June 2020


If we do move in to Alert Level One before next weekend, our entry procedures will change to become slightly less regimented. It is best to be make sure all your team members are prepared to play under Level Two in the meantime.

Some Quick Reminders for playing our games at Level Two:

  • Each team member needs to self-register for his or her club via our registration portal well before their game (and then the club admin must assign them to their team before 10am Friday 12 June. We will be printing the team member sheets at this time)
  • When arriving at the venue where your game is scheduled, your team contact (coach, manager, captain) will collect a list from the Floor Controller of all the members entering with your team, and verify each member is there (adding/removing people as needed)
  • Each team will be allowed a maximum of 20 people to enter, for us to be sure we stay under the 100 person threshold. This 20 person limit will include players, coaches, managers, and any other team invited people. No spectators will be allowed to enter separately from their team party
  • Your team contact will get your team group all together, and will enter the venue together when invited in (after the previous teams have exited)
  • Some venues may have an additional QR code system to record entry. This will be used in conjunction with our close contact tracing system
  • After your game, your team will be expected to leave the venue as quickly as possible (likely through a separate point from where the next teams are entering). This means not using locker rooms or showers
  • Bring your own (sanitised) balls to warm up with, and a drink bottle (so you do not need to use a water fountain)

If you are the team contact person, please contact the Floor Controller to collect your team sheet.

Scorebench – please have this sorted with your team well before the 13th or 14th so the four players assigned to it are at the venue on time (i.e. sitting in the scorebench with at least five minutes before the game tips off).

Glory League – Please share the short Instruction Clip with all of your players so they are prepared when it is their turn during the season.


Other Starting Dates –  BU17 and BU15 are set to tip off on the 20th, with WP and BU13 the week after (27th). The WU18 grade starts on the 21st, and the GU15 grade begins on 28 June. The only deferral requests I have had have been for June 13/14, so we should have 60 games next weekend, and then 74 games

See you on the court soon, and enjoy the weekend – if you don’t receive the emails, and wish to be included in the weekend draw emails when they get sent, please contact


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