Weekend Draw Info 5/6 September 2020

This information has been sent out to all our club contacts this week, to make sure all of our members are prepared to play this weekend

As usual, the duty draw for this weekend can be seen on our draws page.

For Sunday, we know that we will still be in Alert Level Two, so have our adjusted times (first game of the day tipping off at 8:45am). Hopefully we move down to Alert Level One after Sunday’s games, so everyone can be part of the season end with the teams competing.

We had a “studio audience” for the latest episode of the Close Out (actually some sports teams chatting outside our office!)Our supporter spotlight this week is the Christchurch City Council

Posted by Canterbury Basketball Association on Wednesday, 2 September 2020


MVP and First Team Voting – we will be having award winners again this year – and are hopefully in Level One when we can recognise them all! Please get the coach of each team to decide on the three players to nominate (and the order) from their grade. Please note, if in a competition with sub-grades, we only have winners from the “A” grade within (not development or middle grades), so if your team is in another grade you do not need to send us your nominations.

Lastly, just a huge thank you for those organising their teams to be ready to get in and out as efficiently as possible while in Alert Level Two – hopefully this next weekend is the final one we have to do it for!


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