Weekend Draw info for 27-28 July

If you’re not on the draw email list, but want to see what sort of information is contained, we’re going to post this on our website too

All weekend draws and information can be found by clicking here (this page is updated each week).

Here is the info that was emailed to all coaches and  club contacts earlier this week:

Incorrect scoring

There have been a few instances of scores being incorrectly recorded on Glory League (which with video makes it very obvious when this has happened now). To minimise the chances of an error please make sure to:

  • When refereeing, each timeout and quarter break double check the scoreboard and iPad/Scoresheet match up
  • When doing scorebench – the scoreboard operator and official scorer must constantly communicate after each basket to make sure they are matched up

After each season we check with BBNZ as to what score errors would allow a protest to be upheld. For this season the general rule of thumb is that teams will play to what is shown on the scoreboard (hence the importance of making sure it is accurate!) so there are no obvious scoring errors that would allow a game result to be overturned via protest.

If your team notices a score error during the game, please involve the Floor Controller at each venue to help get it rectified immediately (or directly with the referees if they are experienced enough). Marty and Rebecca will also remind referees of their responsibility in regards to making sure the score is accurate.


New Players Joining a Team (list updated after last week)

Here are the only grades that can now have new players added to a team (and the date any new players need to start playing on – and every game following):

  • Women’s Premier – 27 July
  • Men’s Division One – 4 August
  • Men’s U23 – 27 July
  • Women’s U21 – 28 July
  • Men’s U20 A and Mid – 3 August
  • Men’s U20 Dev – 10 August
  • Boys’ U13 – 27 July


These grades can not have new players added anymore (except in the case where a player is eligible, or will become, at the immediate grade below on the development pathway):

  • Women’s Division One – locked (21 July)
  • Men’s Premier – locked (20 July)
  • Women’s U18 – locked (30 June)
  • Boys’ U17 – locked (6 July)
  • Boys’ U15 – locked (6 July)
  • Girls’ U15 – locked (7 July)


Lastly – a reminder we are now in the week by week stage of the season (though where possible we’ll send out partial draws where only a few grades are not completed.


If you wish to be included on the bulk emails we send out with the duty draw information, please email james@canterbury.basketball

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