2019 Weekend Winter Club Season Tips Off

The CBA Winter Club Season is tipping off next weekend!

The first draw is finally done (and with a lot more background work on formats before doing this than in the past, with the hope that the season will be easier to administer this year!)

A big thank you to St. Thomas, where we are having eight games played on opening day (and we will get feedback on how the venue is for two games simultaneously after this week). Also please note that the YMCA is one court for the entire day on April 27 instead of our usual two court afternoon block.

Each week you can find the draw (and formats) under “competitions”, then “weekend draws”


Duty – with 13 games on Sunday we have the 2:30pm game at Lions Stadium and the 4:30pm Cowles game covering duty for each other, and will get feedback on this system too. Once the GU15 grade starts on 19 May this won’t be an issue any more

Grading games – BU15, BU17 and Mu20 grades all have these for two or three weeks – after this teams will be ranked and placed into their appropriate pool. NOTE – In the BU17 case the CBA may decide the competition would be better served by having 16 teams in the middle grade, and 8 in A grade as opposed to what is on the format document. We will communicate with the BU17 teams separately once a decision is made

Registering – please ensure all of your players have completed your club’s registration form. There is a portal on our page too where they can select your club (but may miss out some of the specific questions a club wanted): canterbury.nz.basketball/register. Your club administrators will need some time to correctly assign the players, so we strongly advise not to leave this until the last minute (or risk their wrath!)

ACC SportSmart Warmup – Lori has been through this already with all coaches that have done the course. Online resources are available by clicking here

Lastly – remember the Rams have their home opener at Horncastle – use the code “RAMSFAN” for free children’s tickets (with a paying adult).

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