McDs Week Five Picks

All of the Picks and times for the June 12 games

With no games officially scheduled for last week, we didn’t have our usual recap to add tonight’s gametimes onto – so they get their own special treatment! (As usual, our picks for each game are underlined)


Whelan Division II

4:15pm Burnside @ Papanui

5:15pm St. Margaret’s @ Avonside

5:15pm Ellesmere @ Hillmorton

5:15pm Te Pā o Rākaihautū @ Villa Maria

5:15pm Marian @ Lincoln


Whelan Division I

5:15pm Cashmere @ Middleton Grange

5:15pm Kaiapoi @ Ashburton

5:15pm Christchurch Girls’ @ St. Andrew’s

(Deferred until 19 June) Rangi Ruru @ Rangiora


Thomson Division II

5:15pm Linwood @ Hornby

5:15pm Ellesmere @ St. Thomas

7:00pm Papanui @ Riccarton

7:00pm Cathedral @ Ashburton

7:00pm Rangiora New Life @ Kaiapoi


Thomson Division I
7:00pm Christchurch Boys’ @ Hillmorton

7:00pm Christ’s College @ Rangiora

7:00pm Cashmere @ Middleton Grange

7:00pm Shirley Boys’ @ St. Bede’s

7:00pm Burnside @ St. Andrew’s

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