Mai FM Free Throw Challenge

10,000 free throws in 40 hours? Psssssh, TOO EASY! Dani & Fame from the Mai Home Run are getting amongst this year’s 40 Hour Famine with not 10,000…but now 25,000 free throws in 40 hours!

Mai FM is running an awesome event for the 40 Hour famine, and is after some good shooters to help!
• The goal *was* to make 10,000 Free Throws, but has now been upped to 25,000 across the 40 hours!
Hornby Action Indoor Sports Stadium for the Christchurch leg
• 11:30pm Thursday 7 June until 5:30pm Friday 8 June
• Mai FM announcers will be down there to help support you while you shoot (with food and water!)

All basketballers are encouraged to head down to Action Indoor Sports Hornby to help, but if you want to book a specific time for a hoop, please text our local Mai FM/Basketballer Lia Chapman on 027 861 4348.

Lia has claimed she will be awake the whole time, but just in case you don’t get a reply, she guarantees you can shoot between 12am and 6am on Friday 8 June 2018.

For more information on the 40 hour famine, how to donate, and Mai Fm’s goal of raising $5000, please click here


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