2019 Winter Club Entry Update

Our record of 56 weekend games in 2018 is well and truly going to give way to a new record in 2019

As nearly all weekend basketball entries have now been received – please double check that your team’s details are correct. If not – please contact your club administrator to rectify with the CBA.

Boys’ Under 13 and Girl Under 15 grade entries are due by Friday 12 April 2019, with their competition tipping off on May 18 and 19 (some clubs have already indicated what they will be entering, and these teams are included here now though).

The headings are:

  • Club (this includes the club that school s are affiliated with in U20 grades and above)
  • Entity Responsible (where invoices get sent, and payment comes from)
  • Grade (includes if an indication of preferred sub-grade given)
  • Team Name (if different to club)
  • Coach/Main contact (TBC listed if CBA still needs confirmed details sent)

The table below is sortable by each particular header, or can be filtered (so you can check if your club has the right teams entered; the right entity is responsible; or see how many teams have entered a particular grade). As of publication this table was only visible on a desktop, but is expected to be added later.

If you are on a mobile browser  to see all of the entries, you can only download this PDF instead.

ClubEntity ResponsibleGradeTeam NameCoach/Main Contact
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsBU13LionsTom Thompson
PioneerPioneerBU13BlueNicki Mackenzie
PioneerPioneerBU13YellowNick Erwood
SelwynSelwynBU13Hawks BlueDean Paton
SelwynSelwynBU13Hawks RedTBC
BurnsideBurnsideBU15ASamantha Ward
BurnsideBurnsideBU15BShaun London
Christ's CollegeChrist's CollegeBU15Scott Kito
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU15Blake Cunninghame
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU15MaroonMike Barrett
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU15WhiteEric Steghuis
Papanui HighPapanui HighBU15Jordan Pollock plus two MU20
PioneerPioneerBU15BlueIvan Hill
PioneerPioneerBU15YellowJason Robb
Shirley Boys' HighFraser Costley TBCBU15ScorpionsFraser Costley
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU15Spartans ADan Gilmore
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU15Spartans DevSteve Shaw
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU15Tom Hughes
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sBU15Mo Corkery
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU15 Ben Buckendahl
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsBU15 LionsBennie Wiliams
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15 BlackDean Towart
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15 BlueRani Hammond
SelwynSelwynBU15 DevHawks BlueDean Serra
SelwynSelwynBU15 DevHawks RedTerry Rossiter
GatorsGatorsBU15 midWharenui Gators GreenTBC
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU17GoldBen Buckendahl
GatorsGatorsBU15AMG Gators WhiteTBC
SelwynSelwynBU15AHawksCameron Drewett
St ThomasSt. ThomasBU15ASaintsBrad Clive and Matt Ryan
Ashburton CollegeAshburton CollegeBU17AshCollMark Douglas
BurnsideBurnsideBU17ASteph Seinafo
BurnsideBurnsideBU17BHugh Dishington
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU17MaroonSeddon Smith
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU17BlueSam Berkett
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU17GoldRani Hammond
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU17BlackWill Smit
Christ's CollegeChrist's CollegeBU17Josh Petermann
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU17Cameron Wilson
PioneerPioneerBU17BlueTe Kohitu Cooper
PioneerPioneerBU17YellowJohn Quitiong
Rangiora HighRangiora HighBU17Liam Connelly
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU17Spartans AJamie Graham
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU17Spartans DevScott Edwards
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU17BlackKelvin Fisher
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU17RedGrant McKenzie
Christ's CollegeChrist's CollegeBU17 devDevelopmentBen Sheat
GatorsGatorsBU17 devWhiteTBC
MairehauMairehauBU17 devLegendsMax Wright
Papanui HighPapanui HighBU17 devGlenn Hooper
SelwynSelwynBU17 DevHawksHamish Brixton
St ThomasSt. ThomasBU17 devSaints DevDave Wong
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sBU17 devDevelopmentScott Baker
GatorsGatorsBU17 midRedTBC
GatorsGatorsBU17 midRiccarton GatorsTBC
GatorsGatorsBU17AMG GatorsTBC
Rolleston CollegeRolleston CollegeBU17ACam Drewett
SelwynSelwynBU17AHawksKane Greenfield
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU17AAHayden Isitt
St ThomasSt. ThomasBU17ASaints ANev Brooker and Joe Haammond
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sBU17AMike Karena
PioneerPioneerGU15Kathy Burrows
SelwynSelwynGU15Hawks Caitlin Kippenberger
AtamiAtamiMD1Atami WizardsStu Ramsey
AtamiAtamiMD1Atami Casa de BanosRitchie Howell
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsMD1LionsNate Searle
GatorsGatorsMD1Gators RedTBC
PioneerPioneerMD1BlueMatt Bathurst
PioneerPioneerMD1YellowMax Taukiri
WolverinesNathanMD1BallazNathan Jones
WolverinesWolverinesMD1Wolverines BlueJamie Graham
WolverinesWolverinesMD1Wolverines WhiteJimy Davis
AtamiAtamiMen MWJeremy Phillips
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsMen MWLionsBennie Wiliams
CheckersCheckersMen MWCheckers WhitePaul Isitt and Terry Brunel
PioneerPioneerMen MW
RaidersRaidersMen MWKelvin Fisher
University Midweek MenUniversity Midweek MenMen MWJason Rivett
WolverinesWolverinesMen MWMidnight MaraudersBrendon McCurley
CheckersCheckersMpremMike Barnett
GatorsGatorsMpremGatorsTim Bennetts
Lincoln UniversityLincoln UniversityMpremTyla Harrison-Hunt
PioneerPioneerMpremFraser Costley
RoyalsRoyalsMpremKenny Perkins
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyMpremPiet Van Hasselt
WolverinesWolverinesMpremJamie Graham
AtamiShirley Boys' HighMU20SpartansTBA
CheckersBurnsideMU20Burnside-CheckersAdam Morgan and Gilbert Gordon
CheckersCheckersMU20Kimberly Sexton
CheckersSt Bede'sMU20St Bede's-CheckersGrant Ven
CheckersSt Bede'sMU20SBC Old BoysTBC
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyMU20Matt Cunninghame
PioneerCashmere HighMU20Pioneer-CashmerePaul Conner
PioneerPioneerMU20BlueJason Clements
PioneerPioneerMU20YellowThomas Manley
University of CanterburyChristchurch Boys' HighMU20UC-CBHSJacob Mulholland
University of CanterburyChrist's CollegeMU20UC-Christ's CollegeRob Churcher
WolverinesPapanui HighMU20Glenn Hooper and Bob Weatherford
WolverinesSt. Andrew'sMU20TBC
WolverinesWolverinesMU20Troy Lipsham
GatorsGatorsMU20 devWhiteTBC
GatorsGatorsMU20 devHornby GatorsTBC
SelwynSelwynMU20 devHawksMark Bolton
PioneerSt. ThomasMU20APacers BlueJoe Hammond
PioneerSt. ThomasMU20APacers YellowNeville Brooker
CheckersCheckersMU23Kelvin Fisher
North CanterburyRangiora HighMU23NC - RangioraLiam Connelly
PioneerCashmere HighMU23Pioneer-CashmerePaul Conner
PioneerPioneerMU23Nick Erwood
University of CanterburyChrist's CollegeMU23UC-Christ's CollegeBen Sheat
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyMU23APiet Van Hasselt
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyMU23BRyan Evans
WolverinesSt. Andrew'sMU23Aled Jones
WolverinesWolverinesMU23Jacob Cromb
Lincoln UniversityLincoln UniversityMU23ABullsTyla Harrison-Hunt
HalswellHalswellWD1RedDot Dixon
HalswellHalswellWD1GreenStacey Hickford
MintiesMintiesWD1Karla Martin
RoyalsRoyalsWD1Dark HorsesTBC
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyWD1Russell McCormack
CheckersCheckersWomen MWCheckers BlackhawksMaryann Bell
CYACYAWomen MWCarmel Gunn
GatorsGatorsWomen MWGatorsTBC
HalswellHalswellWomen MWBarbara Smith
PioneerPioneerWomen MWBlueLisa Davison
PioneerPioneerWomen MWPumasKatrina Roberts
RoyalsRoyalsWomen MWCathy Hyland
HalswellHalswellWpremMikey Graham
Lincoln UniversityLincoln UniversityWpremJoshua Thompson
MintiesMintiesWpremBill Eldred
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyWpremWade Parata
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyWpremRussell McCormack
WolverinesWolverinesWpremRay Hastie
HalswellHalswellWU18Toni Smith-Hunwick
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyWU18Gordon Wong
RoyalsAvonsideWU18Avonside RoyalsTBC
CheckersCheckersWU18 Paul Isitt
GatorsGatorsWU21Helen Williamson
HalswellHalswellWU21Fionna Chapman and Sandra Thomas
Lincoln UniversityLincoln UniversityWU21Tony Irvine
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyWU21Ashlee Fane
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyWU21Russell McCormack

We have also been notified about the following likely entries:

  • Cowles Bu13 (x2)
  • Cowles Bu15
  • Gators Bu13 (x2)
  • Gators MD1 (second team)
  • North Canterbury GU15 (x2)
  • North Canterbury BU13 (x2)
  • Wolverines MD1 (x2: Seddon Smith; Mikey Bucher)

This table will be updated as needed ahead of the April 27/28 tip for Winter Club Basketball. Last updated 4:45pm, 29 March 2019

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