28-29 April 2018 Draw

The first Winter Club Draw for 2018 has been sent out now – see inside for where to find it, and the attached notes

We have just sent out the draw for the opening weekend of Winter Club Basketball. Below are the notes that were attached to the email (sent to all club administrators, and coach emails that were supplied).

  • Sub-Grades: BU15; BU17; MU20 have sub grades (A and Development in all three, BU17 also has a middle grade too. MU23 ended with 11 teams, so will not split until round 12). Games on the 28th *may* have the results kept, or ignored, depending on team movement:
    • Play/Coach the game as normal. If you wish to change sub-grades, the coach must explain why he/she would like to move the team, and to which sub-grade.
    • If there are no sub-grade requests, the results from the 28th may be used in our season standings as a normal game (or if some sub-grades stay intact).
    • If you do want to swap sub-grades, you are responsible to view the other sub-grade and make sure it is appropriate for your team before emailing me. This means win-loss results do not matter in terms of moving teams.
  • Duty: please have four people ready to go for duty in the scheduled timeslot (this will be either directly before, or directly after your game). Glory League scoring instructions if your players need a reminder (or have never used it!)
  • Refereeing
    • If you have somebody (or people) in your team club keen to help referee, please get him/her to contact marty@canterbury.basketball. Refereeing does not have to be the same grade they are already involved in (can be higher or lower depending on comfort and ability level).
    • Polite Conversation – if questions do arise during games, we encourage polite conversation with the referee(s). You can also communicate directly with Marty or Sasha via email.
    • Mouthguards – we have had a lot of feedback from referees regarding enforcement with these, so will have a directive from Paul Duggan shortly to clarify procedures.
    • Changing – players who are officiating in the following game will have five minutes to get changed between games. The Floor Controller will advise coaches of this for their warm-up time.
    • Duty Teams – if we are not able to have two appointed referees on a game, one person from the duty team is responsible to assist with on-court officiating. Please make sure the person who does gives their details to the floor controller at the venue to enable reimbursement. Whistles and Shirts for Duty referees to wear will be at the venue with the Floor Controller.
  • Once our sub grades are all set, we can get quite a few weeks out after this initial draw, you can also find the draw each week here: https://canterbury.nz.basketball/competitions/weekend-draws/
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