2018 Waitaha Qualifying Teams Named

The 2018 Waitaha Qualifying Teams have just been named

The selections for the Waitaha Qualifying teams has been a difficult process for the Waitaha coaches with great depth of players at the selection tournament.  They were impressed with the effort and attitude at the selection tournament.  The Qualifying Teams have been announced below.

All players will need to be available for the Qualifying Team practice Sunday 6 May 2018, Qualifying game on 1st May, Training Camp on 5th May & Qualifying games on 6th May.  The school and club competitions have been organised so that this next week can be focused on reprtesentative basketball so it is expected players do less school & club basketball this week and put representative basketball as the #1 priority.

The teams selected below are only for the Qualifying tournament and will be used as part of the selection process for selection final teams for nationals.  Players from Mid & South Canterbury could be loaned for Nationals, and players could be moved around based on performance and the coaches’ preferences.  After the qualifying games and camp we will select our Waitaha teams for nationals and both Metro and North Canterbury will select their respective Mainland teams.

Congratulations to those players who have gained selection! 2018 Waitaha Qualifying Teams

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