Last Minute Reminders Before Tipoff

Worried that you’ve missed something before getting ready to play? Have a last minute check of these changes and reminders


Our Mouth guard policy which is the same as last year: “All teams that play in an U21 grade and below are required to wear a mouth guard during the game”. For all other grades, it is strongly recommended that a mouth guard is worn but it isn’t compulsory.


Undershirts Uniforms and Skins

Undershirts are not permitted to be worn under the singlet unless they end above the shoulder. No t-shirts are to be worn under the singlets.

In regards to skins, players can wear full length skins on the leg and arm as long as their team as the same dominant colour with these. CBA Referees can use discretion if teams have a couple of different colours. Our referees can instruct a player to remove any skins that the colour of which causes issues for the teams to identify quickly who is on each team.

We know a few clubs are struggling with uniforms due to the increase in teams, so there will be a little lee-way granted for slightly mismatched uniforms while extra sets are being made.



Over 1400 people have now completed their registration to play basketball this year in a CBA competition. As long as you did this in time your club administrator will have put you in to your team, so your Glory league Videos will automatically get sent to the email address you registered with.

But what happens if I had trouble registering early enough?

We have short term solutions in place – Glory league enabled venues can allow a temporary registration on the tablet before your game (and scoresheet venues will allow written in player names). This will not save however, and the player in question still needs to be properly registered to play in the future.

Where do I register online?

Easy – just go to and fill in your details, and wait for your club admin to add you into your team once done – that’s it!


New Rules

The quickest place to learn about the new rules is on our AGM powerpoint (page 56 onwards) – most important is probably to know advancing the ball after a timeout will only have :14 on the shot clock instead of :24

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