Miles Toyota August ’18 Diary

This edition of our Miles Toyota Diaries looks at some of the things Marty Davison has been up to in his role

My role as Senior referee manager involves training our local referees each week, appointing our referees on all our club games, doing clinics in schools and being active around the Canterbury region with our referees. Rebecca Moon and myself also run monthly referee meetings to catch up with everyone.

The past month, I have been fortunate enough to have been away on a few referee trips which I have learnt a lot. At the end of July, I headed over to Brisbane to referee three games in the Queensland Basketball League. I then traveled with the Tall Ferns over to Taiwan to referee at the William Jones Cup which was a great experience. My most recent international trip was over to Bosnia for the European U16 Divisional Championships which was really good for my development and cool to see a different style of play and refereeing also.

I look forward to continuing to help the Canterbury region in developing our referees going forward.


Here is a normal in-season week for me (when I am in Canterbury):


-Process all ref reimbursements from the weekend

-Go over any clips from the weekend’s games that may have good educational discussion

-Finish off TT/WT referee appointment draw

-Start midweek draw



-Finish Midweek draw

-Start weekend draw

-Referee a WT/TT game

-Evaluate a WT/TT game



-Continue weekend draw

-Go over any discussion from WT/TT games from yesterday or ask any referees if they have any calls for discussion

-Referee clinics in schools day



-Finish weekend draw

-Referee clinics in schools day



-Begin TT/WT trophy draw for Tuesday next week

-Get everything ready for Weekend games at all venues

-Finalise weekend draw and any changes



-Club basketball all day (6 venues) (reffing and training)



-Club basketball all day (2 venues) (reffing and training)


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