Miles Toyota October ’19 Diary

You may have seen Marty Davison at a few NBL games this past month

This season, I have been lucky enough to be selected on to the ANBL referee panel. I haven’t refereed a game this year yet but have been involved doing the IRS (Instant Replay System) a few times. This means I am involved as the emergency referee (if someone gets injured, I would jump on the game) and where I sit on the side of the court and have the TV screen in front of me with the live feed and also eight other camera angles. The ANBL uses the Hawkeye system which is brilliant and can help cover every angle on the court. The referees on the game have the ability to review certain situations in the game and they can come over to the screen and look at the replay in order to assist in their decision.

I still get to experience the referees’ pre-game, and post-game discussions which are hugely beneficial and a valuable learning experience. These referees are very professional and its really good to see the way they conduct themselves on and off the court.

Hopefully later in the season I will get a chance to get on the floor and be involved in this fantastic league!


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