Weekend Draw Info 11-12 June 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend ono

11-12 June Duty Draw

Reminder that all draws get posted to this page as they are released


  • Patron and Hoben Trophy Finals (18 June) – Halswell will take on Lincoln University in the Patron’s Trophy Final, and Checkers will play Pioneer in the Hoben Trophy Final. These games will still count towards the regular season standings as well as having some silverware up for grabs!
  • First Aid – with us stretched over so many different venues (and the facilities differing within) please make sure your team kit includes some basic first aid (snap to freeze ice packs; plasters; strapping tape and some padding are highly recommended – with ice being especially hard to have in all venues we utilise). U20 and below teams should be encouraged to have 1-2 spare mouthguards in their kit too
  • Querying Score/Foul Discrepancies During a Game – only the Head Coach can query the score, and should do this during the next dead ball. It is important to follow this procedure so that we don’t get compounded mistakes. The full procedure is on our website here.
  • Visible Games/Draws – if games do accidentally become visible further in the future than what I send out here, please ignore them (and tell your team to too). There was a limited period of time where future dates became visible on the GameDay app, but this has since been rectified (and those dates’ draws were definitely not finished, so can 100% be ignored!)
  • Matariki – We will be having a usual slate of games on June 25-26. If you want to see the weeks we are playing, this can be done here

  • U13 Games Scheduled Off – The GU13 grade is not competing on Sunday 12 June, and the BU13 on Saturday 18 June. This is because of a Rams’ home game each date (which limits the gym availability we have). A reminder to get the code from your team/club contact for a 10% discount on any tickets


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