Weekend Draw Info 18/19 July 2020

The draw for July 18-19 is now finalised, and has a few notes that were included in the email to team contacts

All weekend draws and information can be found by clicking here – this page is updated each week.

Items of Note:

  • Players Filling In – this is only allowed automatically in a maximum of two grades that are adjacent age-wise (e.g. BU15 and BU17, or BU17 and MU20), and the team requiring a fill-in is in the same club. Anything outside of this needs a dispensation (playing in an older grade than automatically allowed is to be requested via the main club contact; playing for a school and a non-affiliated club needs to have all parties sign off before requesting the CBA to grant). For reference, the Competitions Committee is currently discussing the following wording, so is good to make sure your team/club is following this:
    • Explicitly stating if you go to School X, you must play for Club Y. A player can apply for a dispensation to this only if all three of school, affiliated club, and new club all sign off on it (example could be a 6’8 player who is stuck behind a 7’0 player sort of thing, or someone living out of zone from school). CBA to check signed application and has final veto right here, but only after it has been talked about and signed off by the three parties first.
  • All Players Must Be Named Correctly on the iPad/Scoresheet. DO NOT allow anyone to play under someone else’s name. This forms a fundamental part of our ability to contact trace any close-contacts (players) if required, and failure to do this can see a team in danger of forfeiting their competition points for said game, and be levied a $100 fine. If anyone has not registered yet, please make sure they complete the form at https://canterbury.basketball/register/

  • Light and Dark Uniforms – In the event of a clash of uniform colours, Team A (first named team on the draw) wears a light uniform (white or yellow), and Team B (second named team) wears a dark uniform. If your team does not have a secondary uniform, and are not the appropriate colour please contact the other team’s coach to ask if they can wear their alternate uniform
  • Scorebench Duty – Especially BU13 Teams – ensure that the group of people your club/team assigns to duty understands their responsibility. At least one Adult is required for all U15 and U13 grades, and at this stage is highly recommended for U17 and U18 grades until the people on scorebench have had enough experience at all of the jobs it entails. To help speed up the learning, please get all of your players (and parents who will be helping) to read the BBNZ scorebench guide for all jobs, and watch the Glory league Tutorial for the iPad (from 1:40 mark) before they have their first experience of doing scorebench

  • Special Draw Requests – these are not guaranteed, but to give your club the best chance of me being able to build your request into the draw as much notice as possible is needed (there was a late request from a school this past week which we were not able to manage, but in this particular case, we easily could have managed it if the request had been placed at the start of the season)
  • Under 13 Rep Trials – Session Two is now closed for the Metro Boys’ trials. There is space for just over ten more trialists in Session One, and room for about twenty more females. North Canterbury also has trials (for players living or schooling north of the Waimakariri River. For more information on the U13 rep trials we have this article posted on our website

If you wish to be included on the bulk emails we send out with the duty draw information, please email james@canterbury.basketball


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