Weekend Draw Info 2-3 July 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend iwa

2-3 July Duty Draw

Reminder that all draws get posted to this page as they are released


  • Scorebench Duty – reminder to make sure you have capable people assigned to scorebench whenever your team is scheduled. If a referee is needed as part of the scorebench, then this is a part of the duty too (and failure to do so when asked by the Floor Controller means the team is liable for a fine of $250)
  • YMCA Entry – the courts at the YMCA are not to be entered until our booking starts. For the rest of our season, 12:30pm is the time we gain access to the YMCA courts, so please do not have your teams/players arrive before then if scheduled for the 12:55pm game
  • MU23 and WD1 – The final matchups for July 9 will be set after this weekend’s games

  • July 16/17 – A reminder that only our Premier League teams play on this weekend. We will send out this draw with the completed July 9/10 draw
  • July 23 – If any U17 or U13 sub-grade teams wish to be scheduled the final weekend of the school holidays off please let us know by 12pm Thursday 7 July and we will adjust the matchups accordingly to put teams against each other that both think they would struggle for numbers that date
  • Women’s D League Trial – Sunday July 10 is when a trial for this team will be held (the D-League will be played instead of a women’s U23 National Tournament). More information is available here


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