Weekend Draw Info 20-25 August 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend tekau mā ono

20-25 August Duty Draw


  • Timeslots – we have had to alter the initial plan for the 20th. In order to squash in the extra MU23 Game we have set the game timeslots to 90 minutes. (We did explore moving one game to Friday night, but could not find a combination of teams this worked for, so have kept everything at Cowles on Saturday)
  • Own Duty – All games from now on are “Own Duty” – please make sure you have two competent people at your team’s game to fulfil the duty slots (nobody should have to referee though!)
  • First Team Presentations – These will happen on court at half time of each Grand Final
    • Boys’ U17 – Approximately 11:05am
    • Boys’ U15 – Approximately 2:05pm
    • Boys’ U13 – Approximately 3:35pm
    • Girls U16 and 13 – Approximately 5:05pm

  • Premier and U23 Semi-Finals – these are all scheduled for August 24 and 25 at Cowles Stadium
  • Entry – all spectators are welcome to attend any of the games over the finals – which is a difference from last year when capacity was limited due to COVID regulations!
  • Potential Protest – The Council has been advised that the “Freedom Coalition” is planning a protest for August 20, and the Cowles Stadium carpark is a potential venue for this. Be aware, if the protest does go ahead at Cowles carpark access and spaces may be limited (so allow plenty of time)


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