Weekend Draw Info 30-31 July 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend tekau mā toru

30-31 July Duty Draw

Reminder that all draws get posted to this page as they are released

We will try and get a draw out for August 6/7 to you all this week, but this may have too many “what-ifs” to be able to do in advance of getting the July 30/31 results.

  • Club Final Draft Schedules – these are now ready. August 13/14 will be the final weekend of scheduled games for teams that don’t qualify for their Grand Final, or Semi-final (or 6/7 August if scheduled for a bye on 13/14 August)


  • August 20 (Junior Finals Day) is planned to follow this draft schedule (MU23 and MU20 Semi finals being played around BU13, BU15, BU17 GU13, GU16 Grand Finals). The GU13 and GU16 Grand finals will be at 5pm, so as to avoid clashing with other Saturday Sporting codes which are still competing. The other slots are all likely to be as planned, but may be swapped depending on clashes
Time Cowles 1 Cowles 2
9:00 23D 20D
10:35 BU17 20D
12:10 20A 20A
1:40 BU15 20M
3:20 BU13 20M
5:00 GU16 GU13


  • August 27 (Senior Finals Day) has this draft schedule– remember that MD1 and WD1/19 Grand Finals will be on the Saturday (and not Sunday). The WP and MP slots will be as shown below, while there may be some movement if necessary for the other grades (once again, depending on clashes)
Time Cowles 1 Cowles 2
9:00 23A 20M
10:45 MD1 23D
12:30 WD1/19 20D
2:15 WP 20A
4:00 MP



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