Weekend Draw Info 6-7 May

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend rua

6-28 May Duty Draw

This weekend sees the last two winter club grades tip, with our Boys’ and Girls’ U13 competitions starting up (which does make for a pretty massive two days of basketball!)

  • Draw/Info Location – Most returning members will already know, but relevant info (Duty Draws; Formats; Weeks of Play) are all saved on this page of our website: Weekend Duty Draws & Grids – Canterbury Basketball
  • Registering – We had less than two players having to be manually added per game this past weekend on iPads. Remember doing this is temporary, and does not guarantee a player can take the court the following week, so please remind all players (or their caregivers) to register if they do not appear on the iPad when setting up the team’s game. Registering – Canterbury Basketball has links to each club/school registration form

  • Referee Responsibilities – thank you to those of you who stepped in to help officiate a game. Richard is working on improving the number of confirmed referees from last weekend, but is always after more people. Please get in touch with him if you can referee any games (either as a regular, or on a more casual basis)
  • Team Ref – More info is on our website about this programme, which has been implemented to help better protect referees, and retain them in our competitions

  • GameDay App – this is the easiest way to find your team’s draws. A few hints to find the team you are after:
    • Hit the “Shirt” logo (teams) at the bottom of the app, then “Magnifying Glass” logo (search)
    • Select “Leagues” and search for “Canterbury”
    • Select Canterbury Basketball,
    • Change the season to “2023” if it does not already default to this
    • Select the competition the team you want to follow is in, then find the team, and “Star” (favourite) it
  • Duty Differences from 2022 – A reminder that our U15 and U16 grades have different scorebench duty scheduling than in 2022 (every other grade is the same as last season – OWN DUTY for U13s, every other grade does duty before or after they play)
    • Teams will only ever have scorebench duty on the same court that they play on (I will specifically contact teams if we need to alter this)
    • For U15/U16 teams, the draw will look something like this (with explanation below):

12:35 BU15 A

Hawks Blue vs St. Bede’s Red

Duty Rolleston 15 (4)

Rolleston plays after this game, and must provide four people for bench duty

2:10 BU15 Sub

Rolleston vs MG Gators

Duty 12:35 game (2 Each)

This means each team playing at 12:35pm – Hawks Blue and SBC Red – provide two people each

3:45 BU15 Sub

STC Storm vs Hawks Red

Duty MG Gators 15 (4)

The MG Gators play before this game, and must provide four people for bench duty


  • The Canterbury Rams take on the Wellington Saints tonight – each club/school/team contact has a link for a 10% discount for members to watch the team in action at a slightly cheaper cost!


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