Help Lionel Hopgood Beat Cancer

We need your help to help a valued member of our community get the non-funded medical treatment he desperately needs

One of the Canterbury Basketball public has recently been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, and we want to help give Lionel Hopgood the best chance possible to beat this disease. Lionel has been a long time member of the Wolverines Club, represented Canterbury in the NZNBL, and over in Argentina in 2014, and has been giving back through coaching representative teams as well.

Dean Le Warne has known Lionel since Primary School, and has created a givealittle page  to help the cause:

“My good mate and former Canterbury Rams basketball player Lionel Hopgood needs our help to pay for some lifesaving non-funded cancer treatment. Now those of you that know Lionel know that he is a humble man and would never ask for help himself so I’ve started this give a little page with the ok from his wife (who’s the boss anyway). Please if you can even donate a few dollars every little bit will help, see the give a little page on how to donate and feel free to share. Thanks everyone”


Lionel was diagnosed with Bowel cancer last year, please help to get him the cancer treatment he requires.

Lionel Hopgood is a former Canterbury Ram (1996-1998), a loving husband and father of two awesome children is playing the biggest game of his life and his opponent doesn’t seem to lose often. But a with a little help from his teammates and supporters we can make sure he wins this one.

Lionel was diagnosed with bowel cancer late last year. He underwent surgery to remove the part of the bowel containing the tumor, the surgery was successful but unfortunately the cancer had already spread to his liver. Lionel has had chemo therapy in the last four months which helped, but not enough to be able to perform the urgent surgery required to remove part of his liver that contains the cancer. The next play in this match is a medical treatment called SIRT which stands for Selective Internal Radiation Treatment, this treatment will hopefully stop the tumors growth which will then allow the removal of that part of the liver and give Lionel a chance to beat this.

SIRT is non-funded cancer treatment which has a cost of around $40,000, which includes getting Lionel up to Auckland for his treatment, if you can help by donating please do as every dollar counts.

Over 20% of the target has already been raised in less than 24 hours. Please head over to this page and support Lionel’s fight however you can.

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