Weekend Draw Info 28-29 May 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend rima

28-29 May Duty Draw

We have had one default, so moved games to make the best use of the courts/referees we have – these changes are all highlighted.

We have also done the next two Sunday weekends (Sunday Duty Draws through 19 June 2022). We will have the next Saturday draw out early next week (we want to look at U13, U15 and U17 teams to see if any should move up/down within the sub-grades after tomorrow’s games), and then we will start trying to get more than one week’s worth of draws out at a time

If you haven’t had a quick look at how much we have grown in the past decade, have a quick look at how our community has almost tripled in size here.

We’ve been getting great submissions for our Plays of the Week – if you think you have a play that should be considered, please let james@canterbury.basketball know.


  • Bench Referees – a reminder that Bench referees may still be needed EVEN if two referees/clubs are listed on the draw (in the covid environment we live in, people may suddenly become unavailable with very little notice)
  • Scorebench Fines – refusing to bench referee (or failure to have enough people to fill all the bench roles) is now a $250 fine. In addition to this, for scheduled team duty, those teams will lose “credit” for a game they had done on duty as well (so will have more to do over the remainder of the season). If we can adjust the next draw easily enough, the team will also be scheduled then
  • Game Balls – as you’re all well aware, operating ten different venues simultaneously is a bit of a logistical challenge (to say the least!) and we do try to have the BG3800 balls at each venue for use. HOWEVER – if both teams are happy to use a GFX ball (or there is not a BG3800 one available), then it is okay to use a GFX ball. If a BG3800 ball is available, and at least one team wants to use this ball model, the game must be played with the BG3800

  • Concussion Protocols – over the past week we have had two instances of a concussion occurring on court, which can be very scary. Please make sure your team manager/coaches are aware of the ACC Protocols to follow in case an injury occurs in their game:
    • Physical Signs – what you see (including a visible hit to the head/face)
    • Memory – Can they answer simple questions correctly?
    • Clinical Symptoms – do they have any which could indicate a concussion?
    • If there is a suspected concussion, the athlete MUST be removed from play, and not return until they have been medically assessed
    • Concussion » ACC Sportsmart has the full protocol to follow

  • Queen’s Birthday – a reminder there is no club basketball on this weekend BUT North Canterbury is hosting the BBNZ U19 National Championships at MainPower Stadium (June 4-7), so feel free to head down and support the teams competing there. There is no entry fee for spectators, but they’d love it if you did buy a coffee when entering!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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