2024 Weekend Club Update – October 2023

You can see the information we sent to our club contacts in October, specific to the 2024 Weekend Winter Club Competition

The information below is specific to the 2024 Weekend Winter Club Competition.

  • 2024 CBA Draft weeks of play. The NBL and Tauihi League schedules are not yet finalised, and we have some decisions to be made on the finishing date for some female grades as well, but this should not need to be altered too much from now
  • 2024 Winter Club Potential Ideas. We have been meeting with our larger clubs to discuss the 2023 season, and potential changes/notes/continuations for the 2024 season. Feel free to read this document and see what things we have discussed

Just announced – the way age-groups are named in New Zealand is reverting back to what it was before 2020. (FIBA naming conventions for international tournaments are still likely to be “Age X as of January 1” – just to confuse you!)

  • In BBNZ Tournaments “U14” now means under the age of 14 for the entire calendar year (i.e. a player needs to be aged 13 or under on 31 December 2024 to compete in 2024)
  • Our 2023 U13 grades will be renamed as 13&U in 2024, which will mean a player has to be 13 or under the entire calendar year (i.e. our 13&U will be exactly the same as BBNZ’s U14, but we won’t have to alter, or get new trophies!)

In essence, if a player would have had one more year of eligibility in our U13 competitions at the end of our 2023 season, they will be eligible to play in the 13&U competition in for one more year in 2024 (i.e. they don’t lose, or gain, any eligibility), and our naming convention will be slightly different to BBNZ!

Signature League – Signups are now open for anyone who wishes to be involved in this new development opportunity (it was previously just open for those who participated in our Representative Programme this past season). Each section has a cap in terms of players (meaning registrations will close when this is met) with all the information and registration link on our website (players and coaches), while referees can express their interest to be involved here

Breakers vs Cairns Taipans – on Friday the 3rd of November Christchurch will host the Breakers at Wolfbrook Arena. One of two chances to see the Breakers in Christchurch this season (Thursday 30 Number they will play host to Adelaide at Wolfbrook Arena as well). Tickets to see the Breakers start from just $12!


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